A Pony Called Steve

This has to be the most interesting brand with which I've collaborated. Their passion and zest for life is infectious and you really get the impression that they care about the products, the customers and each other. It's so refreshing to see fragrances and scents with original ingredients and flavours. These guys have everything from... Continue Reading →


I've never used any supplements or protein bars when working out. It's always escaped me and I've just done my best to take care of myself with exercise and some weight lifting. The reason is the taste. Any products focused around fitness have just never tasted any good to me, but these Staxx bars really... Continue Reading →

Italian Sprezzatura

There's nothing quite like that holiday feeling and who doesn't love the idea of strolling the Italian riviera in perfect loafers, sipping wine by the sun, embracing the beautiful accent. Then there's the food. Piles of pasta and the finest pizza, drenched in oil. Sounds perfect. Come to think of it, the Italians tend to... Continue Reading →


  I love these headphones! Sudio have created something that manages to achieve so much in terms of sound quality while maintaining such style and elegance. The beauty of these is incredible. They feel so perfect and the texture is gorgeous. In terms of sound quality and definition, these have to be up there with... Continue Reading →

Jacket Moments

  There's nothing better than finding a great, versatile jacket that seems to work over everything. Alternatively, how about that one jacket that only ever seems to look good with those jeans and that tee, but you don't care because it looks that good with that outfit. Whatever your stance on jackets, it's so satisfying... Continue Reading →

Camel Coat

One of my favourite coats has to be the camel. I love an item that can work with so many outfits. The beauty of a camel is that it looks great over light colours, bright denim, white tees or shirts, as well as sitting perfectly over shirts and ties, or even a suit. This ASOS... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Suit

Whether your heading to a wedding or just looking to feel empowered in the office, everyone needs a good quality suit that's both versatile and stylish. The difficulty can be the fit, the material, and the colour. It's so important that a suit fits well as opposed to sporting a designer tag. Make sure you... Continue Reading →

The Trench

I think a decent trench is timeless and I love the way recent street style bloggers on Instagram have made it accessible alongside casual attire. I used to always imagine it over a suit or smart shirt and trousers, but now I think it looks just as perfect thrown over a rough tee and distressed... Continue Reading →

Denim Vibes

I had a wonderful say shopping with my lovely one. We had a lush breakfast at Coffee#1 and then headed into Princesshay, Exeter for some shopping and general style inspiration. My wonderful partner has recently started a vlog and I'd love it if you could check it out and give her some support. Thank you!... Continue Reading →

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